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USA specification industrial electrical supplies, contractor electric supplies, industrial automation equipment, motors, generators and power distribution systems, at best discount prices!

Welcome to the directory, where you may find an extensive range of USA specification electrical supplies, industrial automation products, motors and generators.

In the cable management section you will find a wide variety of cable ties & shrink tubing, cable clamps & cable sleeves, wireways and cable trays. Also find here wiring ducts & conduit voltage markers, corrugated tubing & fittings, cable tie tools and grommet edging.

The circuit protection devices department offers a great choice of circuit breakers & fuses, panel board accessories & load centers, busbars & bus plugs.

In the wire connector & terminals section you will find a broad selection of mechanical connectors & lug compression connectors, wire terminals & power distribution blocks, motor lead disconnects and electrical terminal blocks. Find also here splice connectors & kits, split bolt connectors and ferrules.

The data & communication department offers a wide choice of voice & data patch cords & modular wiring systems, data entry & display devices, voice and data connectors. Also available are punch down tools & terminal servers, voice & data outlets, boxes and faceplates.

In the electrical box & enclosure section you will find items such as electrical enclosures & electrical boxes, weatherproof box covers & floor boxes, underground enclosures and enclosure windows.

The electrical motor controls department offers a wide variety of magnetic contactors & magnetic motor starters, NEMA combination starters & overload relays, manual motor switches and starters. Also on offer here are thermal units & auxiliary contacts, replacement coils & IEC delay timers, overcurrent modules and manual starter accessories.

In the electrical plug & connectors section you will find a broad line of locking plugs & single pole devices, locking connectors & straight blade plugs, portable GFCI devices and hazardous location plugs.

The electrical relays department offers time delay relays & solid state relays, current sensor relays & relay sockets, mechanical solenoids and safety monitoring relays. Also available here are voltage sensor relays, alternating relays and DC power solenoids.

In the electronic components section you will find a great selection of audio-video cables & audio speakers, wired intercom systems & PA system accessories, PA amplifiers and plug-in power supplies. Find also here audio-video splitters, connectors, and adapters.

The generators department offers a wide variety of power inverters & solar panels, portable & standby generators, generator replacement parts and solar panel accessories.

In the industrial automation section you will find a large choice of programmable controllers & temperature controllers, counters & hour meters, thermocouple adapters and thermocouples assemblies. Find also here programmable controller accessories, PLC displays and touch panels.

The transformers department offers a wide variety of control transformers & single phase transformers, three phase transformers & ACDC power supplies, current transformers and buck boost transformers. Also on offer are phase converters, voltage converters and class 2 transformers.

In the conduit & strut channels section you will find conduit fittings & strut channels, conduit clamps & hangers, conduit bodies and covers.

The wire & cable department offers electric wires & cables, building wires & thermostat cables, communication cables and high temperature lead wires. Also available here are fiber optic cable & power supply cord, coaxial cables and thermocouple wire.

In the receptacle & light switch section you will find a large collection of electrical wall plates & wall switches, straight blade receptacles & lighting dimmers, locking receptacles and GFCI receptacles. Find also here hazardous location receptacles & plug adapters, enclosed power outlets & outlet covers, pin & sleeve receptacles.

The voltage regulation department offers products including surge protection devices & power conditioners, UPS and UPS accessories.

In the electrical power testing department you will find a wide variety of digital multimeter & clampmeter kits, home inspector kits & electrical troubleshooting kits, wireless HVAC system kits and water damage restoration kits. Also available here are test lead wire & wire sorters, phasing and motor rotation meters.

The motor section offers a large variety of general purpose AC motors & HVAC motors, gear motors & definite purpose motors, motor capacitors and direct drive blower motors. Find also here condenser fan motors & DC motors, close-coupled pump motors & motor mounts, unit heater motors and pump motors. Also available in this department are vector motor accessories, variable frequency drives and a large variety of motor replacement, maintenance and repair parts.

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USA industrial electric supplies, automation equipment and contractor electricals



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